Another Win for the Taxpayers


For those of you that have been keeping up with your council this year, you know what a tough time we've had with this year's budget. Many of the items that the Corrective Action Team identified as vital to our public service were not able to be funded due to budget constraints. This past couple of weeks, we finally got word that the State voted to give the counties an increased amount toward what they owe us for providing the services that they mandate we provide. This $1.5 million was the topic of much of the discussion at last night's meeting.

I am very proud to say that your council correctly, and I might add bravely, used the money to fully fund those items that we saw as absolutely necessary if we are going to provide all of us with the service that we expect and deserve. Your council did not pander to the special interest groups or to big flashy headline-grabbing items - they used the money to build and improve the core services that government should and must provide. My thanks to the many of you that made the calls and sent the letters to help get this done. This is another great example of our government working hard for all of us - and using our tax dollars efficiently and effectively. Please call or write your representative and let them know how you feel about this vote. By doing so you will not only let them know where you stand, but that you are paying attention - even when things are going well!


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