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Roger is a fiscal hawk when it comes to spending your money.  During his first term in the State House, Roger voted for, and passed, one of the largest tax cut in SC history.  During his first year on County Council, he authored one of the first reductions of your County taxes in over a decade.  He did not vote for a millage increase while on Council and has advocated for, and demanded, the “let the people decide” approach to tax increases.  Roger feels that if you’re going to take the peoples' money, you need to get their permission. 

More Freedom. Less Government.

Roger is a Life Member of the NRA and a strong believer and supporter of the U.S. Constitution. His strong belief that government should be limited, yet efficient and effective in its service to the people, along with his support of free market principles and private property rights, guides him in his representation. Roger has a strong belief that government works best when the citizens become informed and involved - therefore government must be open, honest, and transparent.

Protecting the Unborn

Roger understands that all life comes from God.  He has co-sponsored Life bills and was a part of the historic Heartbeat Bill that has been signed into law.  Roger will always defend innocent life, both born and unborn. 

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Roger is a staunch supporter of our First Responders and Law Enforcement.  Roger understands that they are one of the few core functions of government and must be fully funded to ensure the safety and security of the free people!  


Roger Nutt

For State Senate