Core Beliefs

Education is a Priority

Roger believes that our schools should offer the highest quality education possible. To do this, they must be properly funded, staffed and evaluated. Teachers, like our other public servants such as first responders, should be paid in-line with the importance of their profession. The Upstate has been blessed with great schools and some of the best teachers available. He will ensure that our schools have the resources to continue to hire the brightest and the best so that our kids enjoy greater odds of success.  Roger will continue to ensure that our children are not being indoctrinated by the "woke" culture that is so pervasive in our society today.  

More Freedom. Less Government.

Roger is a Life Member of the NRA and a strong believer and supporter of the U.S. Constitution. His strong belief that government should be limited, yet efficient and effective in its service to the people, along with his support of free market principles and private property rights, guides him in his representation. Roger has a strong belief that government works best when the citizens become informed and involved - therefore government must be open, honest, and transparent.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Roger is a staunch supporter of our First Responders and Law Enforcement.  Roger understands that they are one of the few core functions of government and must be fully funded to ensure the safety and security of the free people!  


"...Shall Not Be Infringed."

Roger has taken the Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution of The United States.  He understands that the 2nd Amendment is important now for the same reason it was added originally.  Roger stands by the truth that We, The People, have the right to protect ourselves and our families.  That's why he believes that we should continue to ask ourselves "Why would government want to disarm the People?"


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Roger Nutt

For State Senate