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Roger lives in Moore with his wife, Tracy. He has been a member of the same church congregation for over 50 years, where he has served as Worship leader, Family Ministry Deacon, Life Group and Bible Class teacher.

State House District 34


Roger is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of South Carolina and Georgia and is currently serving as Chairman of the Spartanburg County Public Works-Building And Grounds Committee, Chairman of the Land Use Committee and is a member of the Economic Development Committee. He also serves as a member of Spartanburg Area Transportation Study (SPATS), the CTC (County Transportation Committee) Advisory Committee, the Appalachian Council Of Governments Board of Directors and the Area Performance Planning Committee – Southwest Corridor. In 2016, Roger was appointed by the Governor to the SC Workforce Development Board as the Chief Elected Official-County Seat Representative. In 2018 Roger was elected to serve on the Animal Allies Board of Directors.

Strong on Values
Family Matters

Roger is a principled family man.

We believe that God and Family are two primary pillars of principled leadership, leading to strong Pro-Life / Pro-Family values.

Strong on Economy
Leadership Matters

Roger is a Leader in Business

We believe that too much government is detrimental to a thriving free market.

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District 34 needs a Family Man, a Business Leader, a Professional, a Conservative.

Roger is a supporter of the NRA and a strong believer and supporter of the U.S. Constitution. His strong belief that government should be limited, yet efficient and effective in its service to the people, along with his support of free market principles and private property rights, guides him in his representation.

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We are running this campaign to keep conservative values in our homes, our schools, and in our government.

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“I’m glad that Roger Nutt decided to run for State House. He represents my values and I want him representing me in Columbia.”

Don Bailey


“I would like to support your ideas to make a better future for us and our children. Thank you for the work you do for our citizens!”

Sandra Watson


Join Our Team and Make Us Stronger

    Help us preserve conservative values

    Roger Nutt for SC State House District 34

    Currently serving on Spartanburg County Council, Roger has the experience we need to lead in the State House.


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