Go Woke - Go Broke!!

Go Woke - Go Broke!!


Never in my lifetime would I had thought that we would be telling children under 10 that they may need to decide that they're a different sex.  Certainly not allowing a 5 year old to start altering his body and mind because he feels like he may be a girl.   God created us - male and female.  But for some reason, some feel that God may be too narrow in His thinking on this one.  I for one know that this particular assault on our young people is just another attack from the devil himself.  In the legislature, we have fought valiantly against all that is "WOKE" in our schools and institutions.  This will not go away quickly because the devil is determined to undermine "Truth" - and once that is done he knows that he would have his foot in the door for all manner of evil.  We cannot dismiss this as just another fad.  There are too many consequences for us to ignore the threat.  Truth will always win out, but it's in the fight for its life!  

Roger Nutt

For State Senate