Opportunities are not Random, they are Made!

Opportunities are not Random, they are Made!

Bringing In High-Paying, Transformative Jobs is a Must!

Our County Councils, One Spartanburg and our State Chamber of Commerce have done great work over the years of recruiting jobs for our citizens.  We, in the Upstate for sure, have seen the transformative nature of the larger businesses coming in and what they can do for a failing economy and job loss.  We must continue to recruit not only large companies, but all sizes and sectors.  We need to get to the point where we are not picking winners and losers.  Our tax code currently assesses companies at more than 10%.  However, the Counties have the ability to lower that rate for businesses that can agree to produce so many jobs over a period of time, etc.  We need to change our tax to code to make it fair for every company that comes the Upstate, so that we don't have to pick and choose! In the end, we need to recruit all of the jobs that we can to ensure the viability of our area for decades to come.  More opportunities for all of us and the next generations!

Roger Nutt

For State Senate