Our Roads Must be Fixed NOW!

Our Roads Must be Fixed NOW!

Our Roads Must Be Fixed....NOW!

Our road system in the Upstate is horrid.  Most every road I drive on is not fit for a 4-wheeler.  Fixing our roads has got to be our number one priority, and it has to be done quickly.  The roads don't get better with time!  Fortunately, I have maneuvered myself into every road committee that I could find, so that I could be in a better position to diagnose and fix the problem.  As an engineer, I understand what it takes to evaluate and maintain our road systems and the County, admittedly, and the SCDOT has woefully underfunded the road system for decades.  Having designed roads for over 25 years, my civil engineering background gives me a unique perspective and knowledge of the importance of proper road maintenance and upkeep.  While on Council, I started a road fund that centered on public / private partnerships that would help the county improve roads by having development pay the major share of the improvements.  We also more than doubled the county’s road maintenance budget over the last couple of years – all without raising your taxes.  I serve on the major committees (state, local, federal) that deal with our road maintenance and repair and will make a seamless transition from the county perspective to the State.  My unique understanding of the road maintenance and funding network, puts me in a position to continue to make a deep impact on our road improvements county wide. It is time to fix the problem and leave nothing off the table until the problem is solved.  

Roger Nutt

For State Senate